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Manteca Dental Care is dedicated to helping each patient achieve optimal dental health and getting the smile they want and deserve. We work with each individual on their dental health needs and desired outcomes to develop a plan of care, maintenance and prevention that will give them healthy teeth and gums for life!. Our team of dental professionals will provide you the highest quality care and will help you with your concerns and questions on the road to your best smile!

Vanthana 8/16/17

"Everybody that I talk to I tell them to come here. I like everybody here. I've been coming to Dr. Tran since he first opened and I am still here.

1) What made you decide to choose us as your dentist?

Because you are the best, everybody here is like family

2) Would you refer us to someone else?


3) If so, what would you tell them?

Same thing, take good care of us, make us feel like home"

Cheryl Zimmerman

"The entire office staff is so friendly and welcoming. My family and I have been coming here for years and all we have had is positive experiences.

1) What made you decide to choose us as your dentist?


2) Would you refer us to someone else?

Yes, I have

3) If so, what would you tell them?

Friendly and knowledgeable staff"

Angela Thompson 8/11/17

"My family has been coming here for 3 years now. Dr. Rick Tran and his staff are awesome with all ages. My kids do not like going to the dentist and him and his staff always make you feel at ease. My son is very relaxed going there and isn't scared!

1) What made you decide to choose us as your dentist?

I was at Western Dental and it was the worst experience of my life. I looked at reviews online and made the best decision ever.

2) Would you refer us to someone else?

Absolutely, and I have.

3) If so, what would you tell them?

How great they are with kids. Gently and friendly staff."

Teresa Guthmiller 8/11/17

"I was looking for a new dentist because of previous bad treatment elsewhere. I found Dr. Tran online and all the positive reviews and thought I would try him. The reviews were correct. Everyone at the office is friendly and helpful. I don't experience any of the pain I have in the past. I used to hate going to the dentist, but now I don't.

1) What made you decide to choose us as your dentist?

Online reviews

2) Would you refer us to someone else?


3) If so, what would you tell them?

Friendly and great service."

Michelle T., General Dentistry

"I had put off taking care of the dental work that I needed done due to my fear of the dentist. I observed how well Dr. Tran and his staff dealt with my son's broken tooth emergency and that made me decide to confront my fear. With the support of everyone here, I was able to get my dental health back on track in TWO visits. I appreciate them understanding my anxiety and doing everything they could to put me at ease. Manteca Dental Care is truly the BEST!! I would 100% refer anyone looking for a dentist to Dr. Tran. He provides excellent customer service, reasonable pricing, lots of financing options- but more than anything he is sincere and an excellent dentist."

Alejandro O., Invisalign Patient
"I wore Invisalign for 16 months and it was definitely worth it! I used to have a gap in my teeth; I wouldn't smile and I would cover my teeth in pictures or when I laughed. Now I enjoy laughing and showing off my nice smile. I have more confidence in myself and I don't let things hold me back from having a good time the way I used to. I would highly recommend this procedure, especially at Manteca Dental Care. The staff here are so friendly, I always had fun when I would come in. They are always laughing and making you feel at ease; it really makes the process enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this practice!"

Glenda P., Mini-Implant Patient
"I have had such a good experience with Dr. Tran, and Manteca Dental Care. Everybody here is so helpful, friendly concerned and caring. I was having problems with a partial bridge not fitting properly and was recommended by a neighbor to their office. Dr. Tran helped me find the right treatment plan and it has made such a difference; my teeth fit perfect now. I no longer have problems chewing and my mouth feels more comfortable now. The staff at manteca Dental Care provide great follow-up; I had three phone calls after my procedure to make sure everything was settling well. I feel very cared for. I will do my upper teeth as soon as I can! I would absolutely recommend anyone to this practice!"



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